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PostPosted: Fri Aug 07, 2020 3:26 am    Post subject: Today, tomorrow, and next weekend

Hi all!


So here's a little bit of info for what's happening this weekend.

Today: this evening BST or mid-afternoon servertime (because apparently not everyone is British... weird), Chubbs will be running some level 20 instances, including the BDs trio and some skirmishes.  This is for the purpose of getting our name as a kinship out into the world, to help new players who otherwise may struggle to find groups for low-level content, and to meet new players and possibly new recruits.  It will be easy going for time and a pretty laid back event: I haven't run a GB in years so will be a bit of fun too.  Anyone is welcome; must be a minimum of lvl 20 (this is when the instances open) and I'll say a maximum of 30 as we do want to keep it relatively on-lvl and fun, a high level toon will be OP for the instances.  If there's time afterwards, we may run some other instances of around lvl 50ish, depending on interest.


Tomorrow: around the same sort of time (we can aim for about 4-6 /servertime) we will be running some form of BB.  Pel is a popular choice but has become quite common; the pro is that we can pretty much guarantee a full party, the con is that we will likely be fellowing with high-lvls who already have a kin, so not much chance of recruiting.  But, never say never.
I'm thinking something less-commonly run, maybe Hammer or HD.  We will see.


Next weekend: on Saturday I plan to bring Chubbs out again for some more 20 runs, which I may do spontaneously down the week too.  In the evening we can run another BB, or if we have enough higher-lvls we could consider some high level content; some of the MM runs.


An FYI for all: I plan on having a few characters at specific levels to perform LFF/World instance runs, getting our name into the world and meeting new people, hopefully finding fellow Christians who are looking for a Christ-centered kin (is that a thing?  Let's make it one, if not!).  Chubbs is staying at level 20.  I intend to bring another character to 30 for GA/Fornost runs, and a character at 40 for Annuminas.  We will work other instances in to these levels too, including BBs, Halls of Night, the Road to Erebor cluster, anything which can be done within these levels.  For now I'll see how lvl 20-40 run go, then think about moving on to lvl 50-60s.

If anyone is interested in joining me with these, here's what you'll need and what I suggest: you will need some decent on-level gear.  For this gear, please speak to myself of Merebeth, we are more than happy to do what we can.  I'm not the best crafter but have some decent-enough craftsmen out there.  I would also recommend buying a Stone of the Tortoise from the lotro store: this item stops your exp, which running on-lvl instances will help to keep the runs going without them going grey or you becoming too powerful for them.  Ideally I'd like people to be within 5 levels of the set level (20-25, 30-35, 40-45), but I'll leave that decision up to you.
I also strongly recommend maxing as many trait points/virtues as you can.  As we will be running on-lvl it may be tough and every little will help.
What I suggest: if we plan on running these together, I suggest trying to mix the classes up a bit; we don't want to run with 4 guardians, for example.  So I'll give you all a heads up of what classes I am going to choose for these instances; if you plan on joining, please reply to this post with your class of choice and the level of that class.


Chubbs: lvl 20, Warden.
Rulor: (will be) lvl 30, Rune-Keeper.
Findlor: (will be) lvl 40, Hunter.

I currently also have Zewar, a lvl 52 guardian, if we decide to run 50s instances.

Thanks and see you in-game soon.


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